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Refund Policy

We are here to help you through the hard life of college and therefore, customer satisfaction is our top priority. All the essays that are provided by are carefully written from scratch according to the requirements provided by the customers but there could be cases where we fail to meet your expectations and then you would need a refund. For that, we have devise a proper refund policy for you to easily claim your money if you are not satisfied with the work.

Late or no delivery

Firstly, no delivery is impossible because we make sure to stay in touch with the students and let them know even if there is a problem which could delay the delivery. However, if by any chance your deadline has passed and you haven’t heard from us please first talk to our customer care agent. If our customer support is unresponsive for two business days then we will make a full refund.

For late deliveries we make full refund only if the deadline has passed and our essay is of no use for you. However, if you still use and submit the essay further and you face a minor marks deduction, we will refund a certain percent of amount only once you show us your result.

Compromised quality

We do not compromise on the quality of essays but if there is any issue, you can avail our unlimited free revisions. If we are able to fix all the issues then you cannot get a refund but if we fail to eradicate all the errors then we will make the refund.

We will make a full refund if the paper is completely plagiarized and you provide us an authentic proof of plagiarism.

The paper quality is not according to the student’s expectations. We will first revise it and if even then it is of low quality according to you, our QA team will analyze the paper and tell the percent of amount to be refunded accordingly.

We provide drafts of the paper throughout the process, it is your responsibility to thoroughly check and notify us the issues there and then. The refund will be made if your notified issues are not fixed in the final paper.

Wrong charges

In case, you have been charged for the service twice, make sure to inform our customer support immediately with the proof of both the receipts so that we can refund your extra payment as soon as possible.

Not getting a desired grade

Please note that we promise quality and not a specific grade. Your grade does not entirely depend on our essay and rather your overall performance in the course. You cannot claim a refund if the grade is not up to your expectations.

Order cancellation

If you want to cancel your order, make sure it is done within the next 24 hours of order confirmation. We assign the task to the writer after 24 hours and then you cannot claim for a full refund. However, if you cancel the order within the said time period, you can easily claim a full refund.

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